Proprietary software

Our software allows us to analyze multiple marketplaces on the secondary market.  With our software, we will be able to give you the best pricing recommendations and provide analytical data to support pricing decisions.


Your inventory will go across all distribution channels, and increase eyeballs on your inventory, resulting in more sales.

Inventory management

We will manage your inventory across all secondary market distribution channels as well as primary.  This ensures your tickets are always priced at market price.

Your inventory Management partner

Experience and leadership

Our team has over 100 years experience combined in the secondary market.  Our CEO has 38 years experience in pricing and is respected by the industry, including two terms as President of the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

consulting​ Experts

We will provide pricing models and scaling events.  We manage the inventory and you can set the floor.  We will report to you about your inventory.  Our philosophy in managing inventory is simple.  There are three things that create sales - scheduled price increases, scarcity of tickets, and FOMO(fear of missing out.)


We will minimize your risk by acquiring some of your inventory.


We save you money by doing all of the analytical work for you so that you do not need to pay an analytical team, reducing your operating cost.